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Microsoft partner to Dynamics 365


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The first step is to identify the best CRM for your business, and if you decide on one of the Dynamics 365 systems, the next is to choose a certified partner who can meet your needs.

A successful project requires collaboration with the right Microsoft partner when implementing Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP solutions. But how can you track for the ideal Certified Consultant who will maximise your investments and provide you access to top-notch knowledge? The following advice shows how to select an experienced partner who satisfies all of your needs in UK, and anywhere else in the world.

Key Steps for Evaluating Partners

Research the reputation and success stories of potential partners

To learn about the typical requests made by clients and how they were met, you might ask potential partners for a quick summary of their success stories when you first get in touch with two to three of them. You can also look at what people are saying about the business on social media and search engines. Knowing the company’s reputation as an employer as well as a service provider can provide you insight into what it will be like to collaborate with the development team.

Consider your industry experience

Experience partners should also be able to offer special solutions that are tailor to your company’s particular requirements. Partners who have experience working with businesses in your industry will be better equip to handle business difficulties and provide you with tailor solutions for all of your processes.

Explore support services

As certified partners, they are likely to offer support services to their customer base during and after an implementation. This is of vital importance to keep your CRM and ERP system updated and to be able to count on assistance if necessary. Analyze the prices and working methods of each potential partner.

Investigate the relationship between the partner and Microsoft

The most reputable partners have a high-level relationship with Microsoft. For example, they might be a member of the Microsoft Dynamics , which identifies companies ranked in the top 10 in the world. Joining the Dynamics Square is achieved based on strict criteria that consider skill set, certification level, and potential to provide the highest quality customer service with regards to digitization.

Evaluate different prices

Most certified consultants will offer you different prices per hour of work, so you can not only assess the cost of the project, but start to know how long it will take to deliver.

Consider international coverage

Whether or not there are long-term plans to expand your company to another country, it is always a good idea to have a business process prepared for growth and a properly implemented ERP offers an opportunity for future expansion. For this reason, having a partner, not only with an international presence, but with the ability to install a localize ERP with tax and legal adaptations in other countries, must take into account when deciding.

Conclusion: always put quality first

Although it is possible to find a low price among the partners to be evaluate, as well as some with physical proximity, the most important thing must be the quality of the service. A correctly developed project in the hands of experienced consultants will guarantee a high return on investment, instead of a lower priced one that does not meet the promised objectives and ultimately takes more time and effort.

Why choose Dynamics Square as the certified Microsoft partner for your project

At Dynamics Square we are a certified Microsoft gold partner with extensive experience and localization capacity in different countries and ready to listen to the needs of your company with the aim of streamlining internal and commercial processes by designing customized technological solutions to improve customer relations and increase sales.

Contact one of our experts here to learn more about our services, IT, and cloud solutions and to begin your digital transformation.


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